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First direct

First Direct truly is the people first bank. No old men in suits, no money tricks and no chatbots. When you call us up, there’s always a human on the other end. This is the bank that can actually talk to people, like people.

This is pitch work that never saw the light of day. But hey, you can't win them all - and we still like it.

banter wall

We know our chat is good, so lets prove it. Built into one of our posters is a screen with a chat linked to our First Direct team. We’re happy to natter about Bake Off but we’ll set up a current account in no time too. 

banter wall.jpg

direct cabs

We’re built on people, so we’ll go out of our way to make their lives better. We’ll brand black taxis all across the UK, with the friendliest drivers around. Hop in and if you flash your first direct card, you’ll get a ride for free (that’s if your cab banter is good enough of course).

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