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the gdpr that stole christmas

In 2018, GDPR came into EU law. Suddenly we were all bombarded with opt in brand emails, it became the go to small talk topic and hours of employee time was dedicated to flashy company training videos.


But what about the real impact? The glaring problem staring us in the face? 


We imagined the struggles Father Christmas would encounter now he couldn’t access millions of children’s personal data in a classic Christmas book tale.


This children’s book tells the story of Santa and his struggles with the new GDPR guidelines. After the ‘naughty or nice’ list was leaked the year before, children were no longer trusting Santa. And not getting access to children’s private information meant no more presents.


We follow Santa’s journey to win back the people’s trust, from appearing in front of congress for a 10-hour testimony to rigorous online training. All to ultimately understand the importance of transparency so Santa can go back to safely spreading joy at Christmas… with the correct approach to data privacy of course.

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